About Me

My Story

I am currently an MSc Student at the University of Calgary and graduated with a BSc in 2021 from Mount Royal University in Calgary Alberta, Canada. For much of my life, I felt like a black sheep when it came to science – a paintbrush amongst a jar full of mechanical pencils. Science always fascinated me, but art was what people recognized me for. After realizing that my two interests were not mutually exclusive, I began to flourish in both disciplines.

I love combining my love for art with my science background. My current MSc research involves examining the role patient decision aids can play in improving patient satisfaction for adult spinal deformity surgeries. Additionally, I have worked with several local businesses and labs doing everything from photography and illustration, to writing and publishing. I advocate for science accessibility through art and am very proud to be a paintbrush amongst mechanical pencils.

Values & Goals

Visual Arts: Make it Sparkle

I’ve always had an interest in art. When I started learning more about the technical end of photography as a teenager, I became fascinated with seeing the world up close and personal through macrophotography. Though I may not have realized it then, photography was my first introduction to science. Photography and science both value observing the nuances of the natural world. They both show us that no matter how tiny a subject is, there is always something to learn from it. I want to remind people that there is beauty all around us, from the smallest microbe to the tallest mountains. In that way, my goal is to show that art can help convey the beauty of science and that artistic design is just as important as experimental design.

Science Accessibility

We are inundated with narratives that portray scientists as all-knowing self-made geniuses. This narrative does not help make science or the people behind science accessible. My goal is to show people science is not mutually exclusive to any other part of one’s identity. To me, science accessibility is not just telling people the basics of science – it is helping people realize that they too can participate in science.

Communication & Empathy

These days, everything is either-or: right or left, religious or atheist, white or black, straight or queer. Yet, people, much like science, are never that simple. We are all complex individuals, each with our own stories, experiences, and world views. My background in Women and Gender Studies and current MSc research taught me to not only hear voices different than my own, but to empathetically listen to the stories they tell. As a scientist and as a human being, I believe empathetic listening is crucial in combating the either-or narrative we currently find ourselves in.

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