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Stressynomics Lab

How One’s Sense of Control Impacts the Stress Response
How the Brain Adapts to Stress
Social Behaviour:
How Stress Behaviours are Transmitted within a Social Group

Integrative Physiology Lab

A modern take on Karl Wasserman et al’s Principles of exercise testing and interpretation wheel for Dr. Trevor Day of Mount Royal University

Havoc Hearts

Stray Books Publishing

Capstone Course – “Allergy Awareness”

Hypothetical advertisements to raise awareness about allergies


All Bodies Are Good Bodies

We all deal with internal struggles. For many of us, this manifests in mental and physical harm. For those that present and/or identify as female, there is always additional pressure to manage our bodies. In a sense, our bodies become projects to continually fix, adjust, and modify. We become hyper-critical of any “flaw” we perceive to be abnormal from others. This can also extend to any individual who does not fit in with Western beauty standards.

In an attempt to help people see themselves differently, I began painting people in a collection I titled “All Bodies are Good Bodies”. This collection showcases real people sharing their real bodies. The goal of this project was to help individuals to see their bodies in a different light and medium. This collection is constantly evolving and growing, just like we as people are meant to.

Other Art



Histology was the first class where I realized that science is art. After spending hours in the lab studying the structure of various cells and organs, I would come home, put on tunes, and break out the watercolours. Much like my love for macro photography, I loved seeing the beauty and nuance of tiny structures that are so often ignored.

Digital Portrait Commissions

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